Dojo and Sparring Rules

  1. After entering and before leaving the dojo, a standing bow must be made. Students are to remove their shoes before entering the dojo training area. Shoes are to be placed along the wall out of the walk area.
  2. Parents, please do not drop your children off too early for class. We recommend about 5 minutes before class. 
  3. Students are not allowed to wait outside for their parents. Students should be picked up promptly after class. 
  4. Karate begins and ends with courtesy. This will be kept in mind by all students.
  5. Talking back to the instructors or anyone designated to instruct will not be tolerated. Any person of higher belt rank demands your respect.
  6. No student will learn or teach new techniques without the express consent of the instructor. Learning katas beyond what is expected for your next rank test is prohibited.
  7. The karate class is a time for studying; not playing. Do not be the cause of commotion which will distract fellow students. No talking, laughing or daydreaming. Concentrate and try to master the techniques being taught to you. Questions will only be acknowledged by a raised hand.
  8. No vulgar language will be used in the dojo. Using foul language, arguing, or displaying bad temper or poor sportsmanship  will result is dismissal from the class.
  9. All fingernails and toenails must be kept clean and short.
  10. No jewelry (watches, rings, necklaces, etc.) is to be worn during training. Please leave these at home.
  11. Students should not use karate without provocation outside of class. You must avoid a fight if possible. Use karate only for defense.
  12. Bragging is unbecoming of a true karateka. Remember, no matter how good you are, there is always someone better. Accept who you are and who you are becoming. Walk in the quiet confidence of that knowledge.
  13. Absolutely no sparring unless properly supervised by the Sensei. There will never be any arguing with the person or persons designated to referee, judge, or supervise any sparring contest.
  14. When sparring, protective gear must be worn. Protective gear includes mouthpiece, headgear, kicking boots, gloves and groin protector (for males). Chest protectors are suggested for female students.  For sanitary reasons, sharing of sparring gear is not allowed.  Students should purchase their own sparring gear. 
  15. When sparring, students are to use light contact only. There will be no contact to the groin or above the shoulders, except light contact to the headgear.